Morgan Models


The Morgan 3 Wheeler is designed for one purpose alone, to make driving a huge amount of fun. It brings back the by-gon era of pre war Morgan 3 wheeler motoring but with modern technology employed. A leather padded cockpit complete with aircraft style instrumentation, coupled with throaty exhaust note enhances the exciting experience of ownership. Coming in due course is the electric model EV3 and currently available to order is the EV3 Junior.


Available in a choice of 6 sports colours and a choice or black or tan leather are all standard options on the 4/4. The 4/4 comes as standard with a roof, windscreen and sidescreens. Hood options available in both PVC and mohair and come in a range of different colours. As with any Morgan, an extensive range of personalisation options are available to ensure your Morgan is truly unique.


Painted silver wire wheels as standard, an easy up roof, reclining sports seats as well as a heated windscreen and heater. A wide range of optional extras are available to ensure that your new Morgan is personalised to your exact specification.


With a large range of standard features, the Roadster V6 3.7 litre the most equipped car in the Classic Range. A comprehensive list of optional extras are also available to ensure your new Morgan is personalised to your exact specification.