New Morgans from Stock

Owning a Morgan sports car is what dreams are made of. So many people have dreamt about ownership and now is the opportunity to talk to Melvyn, who has been driving Morgans on the road for 50 years. His enthusiasm and support for the brand is legendary. Long ago, one had to wait very many years for the car to arrive having placed your order. We are pleased to say now that this is not the case, by buying either a new one from our stock or having a bespoke car built to order in a few months. We have a huge range of body colour and leather/hood samples available for inspection to choose from. The three key elements of a craft built Morgan are the ash wood body frame, aluminium and leather.

A selection of current model demonstrator vehicles are available to test drive, by prior booking. For a full day’s driving, why not hire one of our cars to experience the joy and feel of such a unique vehicle.

The Morgan factory conduct splendid guided tours and we highly recommend this for any prospective customer.

All enquiries to Melvyn: [email protected]

Remember: Owning a Morgan is not essential to life, however if you never own one, you will not know what you have missed!

New Plus 4 SOLD

Delivery mileage
Metallic green with Yarwood Pebble leather.